Stephenson Family

1 September 2021

Mum and dad, Ali and Adam welcomed baby Noah to their family at 36 weeks in the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, after a postnatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Noah then spent 2 weeks in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit before heading home. At just 4 months old he returned to the hospital for bowel surgery and now at 1 year old is here again for another surgery. 

For the Stephenson Family, being so close to Noah meant the world “It almost brought you to tears walking through the facility, seeing everything that was available to our family at such a vulnerable time in our life including being able to do simple tasks such as washing clothes, making a coffee, having a shower, or spending time with extended family. We will be forever grateful that we were able to come and go as we needed so we could still be by Noah’s side when he needed us most.”

 “In such a stressful time, having a place in Ronald McDonald House certainly took away the financial and emotional burden of having to worry about accommodation during Noah’s hospital visits, and instead this allowed us to focus our energy solely on supporting Noah. Having access to the kitchen also meant we weren’t spending time and money on takeaway or cafeteria meals.

We were so grateful we also had a place to take Harriet back to play during her visits so we could still spend some quality family time together. Until you are in a situation where you need this service, it is hard to know how it benefits people but seeing and experiencing Ronald McDonald House firsthand we will be forever grateful.”