Lincoln & Terry's Story

1 September 2020

First time parents Kimberly and Terry cannot imagine what they would have done without the support of Ronald McDonald House Canberra during their lengthy 80-night stay after son Lincoln was born.

After complications with the pregnancy, Kimberley and Terry’s baby Lincoln was delivered nine weeks premature and in need of constant hospital care.  The couple was grateful for the peace of mind of staying within the hospital, meaning they were close at hand to nurture him and meet his needs.

Without the convenience and support of staying in the House, Kimberly and Terry would have had a daily round trip of 2.5 hours which would have added stress and hardship. Being able to sleep at the House eased their burden, allowing them to see Lincoln at any time of the day or night. With COVID restrictions, Terry and Kimberly were able to self-isolate in the house, apart from going to the local shops and out for a neighbourhood walk.

Terry said his eyes have been opened as to how much the charity does for families with seriously ill children, with all staff and volunteers welcoming them and making them feel at home.

He described the joy of being a first-time dad on Father’s Day: “Watching Lincoln grow, pull faces and seeing how aware and alert he is, every day when he looks around and susses out the environment around him.” Most of all, he loves seeing “the joy on his wife’s face when she sets her eyes on Lincoln”. 

Ronald McDonald House was Lincoln’s first home and continues to be a home-away-from-home for families each and every day.

“I’m really looking forward to being home for my first Father’s Day but if that is not to be, then being at Ronald McDonald House in Canberra with my family is the next best thing”