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For some families, life is anything but ordinary.

Liz and baby Florence

Liz’s journey took an unexpected turn when she delivered twins prematurely at 31 weeks. Sadly, one did not survive, but the other did. Initially admitted to her local hospital, Liz and her surviving newborn faced a critical transfer to Canberra Hospital. The anxiety and uncertainty of this period were overwhelming, but amidst the challenges, Liz discovered a lifeline.

At Canberra Hospital and with RMHC ACT & SE NSW, Liz found more than medical care. She found a community. Fellow mothers who had faced similar trials became her support system, offering empathy and shared experiences. Dedicated volunteers brought a sense of normalcy and care, ensuring that Liz never felt alone in her journey. Compassionate staff went above and beyond to provide not only medical support but also emotional encouragement.

In the midst of sleepless nights and daunting days, Liz found a haven where she could draw strength and comfort. The connections she made and the support she received were invaluable, helping her navigate through one of the toughest times of her life.

This story of resilience and community support is what RMHC ACT & SE NSW stands for. We strive to provide a warm and welcoming home away from home for families like Liz’s, where they can find the support they need during their most challenging moments.

Your tax-deductible gift can make a profound difference. It helps us continue our mission to support families in need, ensuring they have access to essential resources, a comforting environment, and a caring community. By contributing today, you become a part of this life-changing support system, helping families like Liz’s find hope and strength when they need it most.

Join us in making a lasting impact. Together, we can provide comfort, community, and care to families facing the toughest challenges.